Friday, May 2, 2014

Interview about Asynchronous Learning and Standards Based Grading

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I had the privilege of chatting with Jonathan Bergmann on his radio show, The Flipside on the Bam Radio Network. Primarily we talked about my journey to flipped instruction and standards based grading. The interview is linked here

Aside from my nagging habit of saying "direct instructional days" rather than "direct instruction days," I thought the interview ran smoothly. I also see why Jon was an award winning educator; even as an interviewer, he was captivating, reminding me of his keynote address at FlipCon13

The messages I hope were conveyed during this interview:
  1. Flipped learning saves class time and creates more opportunities for greater engagement and individualized learning.
  2. Asynchronous learning allows for differentiation.
  3. It's possible to adopt aspects of flipped instruction and it is also possible to successfully adopt flipped instruction (and mastery learning) wholesale, without a long period of transition.
  4. Middle school students can thrive in a flipped class.
  5. The assessment based system of grading is broken because it can hide what students truly do and do not understand.
  6. Standards based grading is the solution to the broken assessment based grading system.