Friday, May 29, 2015

Student Survivor Guide to Flipped Learning

OpenClips // pixabay

This post is dedicated to my former and current students who have helped me tweak my flipped class. This post is in service to future students, containing suggestions from former and current students in order to successfully navigate flip class. 

  1. Focus on work in class. There are plenty of opportunities for collaboration but don't get distracted by your peers or devices. 
  2. Assign yourself homework on a nearly nightly basis. If you miss an evening, increase your future plans accordingly. 
  3. Plan ahead, think about your after school commitments and adjust plans when new ones arise without falling behind. 
  4. Be willing to work with others and change your groups as often as needed in order to work to your best ability. This may mean avoiding working with your best friends. Put pressure on peers to stay focused and be open to pressure from peers to get work done. 
  5. Ask for help but also avoid relying on the teacher. 
  6. Promptly revise and redo work after feedback. 
  7. Stay organized - keep course content in one place. 
  8. Be tech savvy. Know how to use the Learning Management System, do online research, create videos and send and share electronic documents. You should feel comfortable using Google Drive, iMovie, Notability, Apps that can take screen shots and record screen casts, and create presentations. 
  9. Be flexible - adjust to changes in the course. 
  10. Read all instructions.
  11. Actively, not passively, watch videos. Use pause and rewind as often as needed. When the videos ask questions, pause and attempt to answer the questions. 

In general, you should be an active problem solver and take ownership / responsibility of learning  - schedule appointments, follow through on plans, adjust plans. If you follow these guidelines, you should have success in the class. 

Did I miss something?