Friday, February 14, 2014

A Busy Week as a Flip Class Ambassador

This week has been a busy one as a flip class ambassador. I found out that my proposal for FlipCon 14 was accepted. I am presenting on a model I call Mastery Learning Cycles. In a previous post, I explain that the model is a hybrid of mastery learning and Explore-Flip-Apply. 

On Thursday,  I intended to present at the NYSAIS Teaching with Technology conference about various models of flipped learning and the evolution of my understanding of flipped learning. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to inclement weather. There are plans to reschedule in June. 

Next week, I'm leading a workshop at my school's Professional Development Day. Before the new Academic Dean took over, I suggested a day of teacher led workshops and I'm happy to lead one those workshops on flip class. The presentation is actually about Google Forms and scripts, which have been invaluable in managing workflow in my asynchronous flipped class. 

I will continue to look for opportunities to share my experiences with the flipped class. It is a powerful vehicle that can help students and teachers.